ADX Premium header bidding platform is used by many ad agencies.

Every potential buyer gains access to your non-guaranteed ad space, and competes in real time for each impression.

Learn about features, solutions, formats and Google Ad Manager options.

Premium Programmatic (ADX Premium) Platform Features



Fast, flexible and robust reporting allows you to optimize campaign delivery and uncover new opportunities.

Multiple reporting options

Run reports on order delivery, inventory performance, or overall sales.

Customizable reports

Fast and flexible filters and drill-down reporting capabilities put critical revenue and delivery data at your fingertips.



We help you to monetize your website through our AdXpremium platform. If you have a high traffic website, we can help you get maximum performance by inserting ads. If it serves ads, talk to us because it is very certain that we can help you increase your income.

Our job is to: Analyze your current situation Optimize your inventory offers the best deals on individual ads show on your network and the most profitable campaigns. Optimize the implementation of your inventory for maximum performance in each section. Optimize the placement of the various ads. Control who bid for their inventory and at what price.


Take back control of your ad space

Choose which advertisers can bid, and what impressions they can buy in our platform. Directly control ad quality by blocking individual buyers, individual creative, content categories and types of creative (ie.Flash, audio).

Use whitelist and blacklist features to eliminate channel conflict ensuring advertisers who buy direct continue to pay premium rates.

Header Bidding Solution

ADX Premium Universal Adapter & HB Platform

With our universal adapter, you do notneed to use any other adapter. Just one line of code through which you call all bidders into one line of javascript code.

Benefit of header bidding is fair auction for SSPs Real-time valuation of inventory.

Maximize your revenue from every impression

Control + Transparency + Revenue growth Header Bidding Management Platform. The Header Bidding Management Platform can be set up with minimal engineering resources.

There is a one-time insertion of one line of javascript into the publisher’s header, and all DFP line items are created automatically via our API connection. All bidders with Prebid adapters are available on our platform.

Bidders can be added or removed from your auction in real-time, no code push required.

How AdXpremium HB Universal Bidder Works for You?

  • Supports both display and video
  • Compatible with DFP workson top of it via API
  • Easy to integrate with any adapter
  • Demand optimization algorithms
  • CPM and revenue increasing
  • Latency control
  • Choose your integration methods
  • Take advantage of our direct integration method, or utilize your existing
  • Header bidding wrappers through Prebid
  • Earn higher revenues
  • Ensure better ROI with the help of our core technology, which directly connects your valuable inventory to our quality demand
  • No need of technical knowledge, just need to add on line of javascript into the header

Technical Implementation /
How to implement it?

Benefit Icon

Just 1 line of javascript code into the header of the source code

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Compatible with every setup & DPF

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Dedicated support team

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Orders, line items, prices targeting in DFP with our custom made application

Benefits of AdXpremium header bidding UNIVERSAL wrapper

  • Enabling publisher technology independence
  • A universal adapter which means direct integration with all existing bidders, a total of 60 bidders
  • Implements all available bidders into minutes and all HB settings in DFP such as timeout, ad unit, bid, orders, line items, prices...
  • Create ad units in your DFP automatically with the prices granulation you want or which we can recommend to you
  • Independence - you can use all your bidders (ex. Criteo, IndexExchange etc.) where you just need to insert your ID with or withour our marketplace
  • Marketplace - additional demand - we are able to offer you independent demand, which increases your monetization
  • Easy integration with your or our Google Account (AdX) that we use as a post-bid
  • Yield tool that helps optimize HB setup, dedicated support and constant consulting by our experts, example new integrating with new bidders

Lupon Media supports header bidding for many ad formats

This page outlines the available formats and where to find more information. (Note: At this time, only display and interstitial are available on Prebid Mobile.)


Standard display, or banner, is an available format for all Prebid products. Learn more with the following resources:


Prebid.js provides access to video demand for both instream and outstream video ad slots.


Many of the Prebid.js bidder adaptors support delivery of native ads.


You can implement header bidding on your AMP pages. For general information on the AMP Project, see


A multi-format ad unit supports at least two of the following types: banner, native, and video.


Interstitial ads appear as full-screen ads in mobile apps that must be dismissed for interaction with the app to continue.

Header bidding for Video Overview

Prebid.js provides tools that allow header bidding video demand to compete with your ad server video demand. Prebid video demand can be incorporated for both instream and outstream video slots.

Instream Video

Ads serve in-line with existing video content on your page. The ads can serve before, during, or after a piece of video content. As the publisher, you must provide your own video player that can be used to render the ads.

Outstream Video

Ads serve separately from any existing video content. Often, outstream video ad units are used to create video inventory on pages that do not include any video content. The outstream video ad is displayed through an associated outstream video renderer, which usually ingests configuration options that control the user experience. (For example, the outstream video player can be configured to expand within a text body on-page when in view, and collapse when the video is finished).

Implementation and how it works

Here’s a high-level overview of the steps required to start using Prebid.js for video demand. For implementation details, see Getting Started with Video for Prebid.js.

Ad Ops

Configure line items on your ad server
Instream Video

Video-specific line item setup

Outstream Video

Key-value targeting and creative setup are identical to banner ads



Download Prebid.js (include video adapters)


Define ad units in the Prebid.js code


Add header bidding coding to your page header


Add code in page body to invoke video player

Video Type graphics

Instream Video

Video Type graphics

Here’s a high-level diagram showing how video header bidding works for instream video (with more details outlined in the steps below):

  1. Prebid sends bid requests

    Prebid.js code loads within the page header and sends a bid request to each video demand partner included on a given Prebid video ad unit.

  2. Demand partners respond

    Each response includes the bid price and the video creative in the form of a VAST tag URL which returns a VAST XML wrapper. This video creative will be rendered by the video player if the bid is selected in the ad server.

  3. Prebid.js caches video bids

    Each video bid is cached server-side and mapped to a unique cache ID which will be passed to the ad server via key-value targeting. The Prebid.js video creative configured in the ad server contains a macro that references this cache ID. (Note: Some bidders will cache before responding to Prebid.js. In those cases, the bidder will provide a bidResponse.videoCacheKey and this step will be skipped. See Notes on Prebid Cache for details.)

  4. Prebid creates new master video ad server tag URL

    Prebid combines an existing video ad server tag with Prebid key-value targeting pairs to create a new master video ad server tag URL. This URL will be passed into the video player.

  5. Video player calls ad server

    The video player loads the master video ad server tag URL, which makes a call to the ad server.

  6. Ad server matches Prebid.js

    Key-value pairs to a pre-configured line item

  7. Video player renders the video from the winning bidder

    The master video ad server tag URL returns a VAST XML wrapper containing the Prebid.js video creative. b. The Prebid.js video creative returns a VAST XML document containing the cached video bid, which was returned by the Prebid demand partner in its bid response. c. The demand partner’s VAST tag URL is rendered in the video player.

Video Type graphics

Outstream Video

Video Type graphics

Outstream video is displayed in banner ad slots using video renderers that are provided either by the demand partner with the bid response or by a renderer that the publisher has associated with the ad unit. This is a high-level diagram showing how header bidding works with outstream video:

  1. Prebid sends request to demand partners

    Prebid.js code loads within the page header and sends a bid request to each video demand partner included on a given Prebid video ad unit.

  2. Demand partners respond.

    Demand partners respond with their respective bids, which may contain a video renderer. (Publishers are encouraged to associate their own video renderer with each outstream video ad unit to include video demand that was not returned with its own renderer.)

  3. Prebid passes key-value targeting to ad server

    Prebid assigns a unique hb_adid to each video bid/renderer combination, and passes this ID to the ad server via key-value targeting (along with other standard Prebid key-value pairs). This ad ID serves the same role for outstream video ad units as it does for banner ad units.

  4. Ad server chooses winning line item

    The ad server chooses the winning line item. If a Prebid line item is selected, the Prebid creative is returned. The creative can be the standard call to renderAdor the Universal Creative.

  5. Prebid renders the outstream video

    Prebid retrieves the winning outstream video bid and renderer from the ad ID (hb_adid). Prebid renders the outstream video into the banner slot.

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