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Direct Partnership

Lupon Media has already enjoyed a direct partnership with the biggest bidders on the market and great ad exchanges

Benefits of our header bidding adapter
  • Publisher transparent and independence
  • Marketplace by Lupon Media which increases your full monetization
  • Yield tool and support
Fully Managed Service
  • Quick setup less than 30 minutes implementation
  • Multiple bidders and exchanges
  • No latency
Maximize Overall Yield
  • Increase your CPMs and revenue with real-time auctions up to 60%
Use with No Risk
  • Set a minimum price for your ad inventory when you place it in the exchange platform

Learn why ADX Premium header bidding platform is used by many ad agencies.

Adx Premium header bidding platform enables publishers to manage multiple bidders and capture the highest value from every impression. Every potential buyer gains access to your non-guaranteed ad space and competes in real time for each impression.



Fast, flexible and robust reporting allows you to optimize campaign delivery and uncover new opportunities.

Multiple reporting options

Run reports on order delivery, inventory performance, or overall sales.

Customizable reports

Fast and flexible filters and drill-down reporting capabilities put critical revenue and delivery data at your fingertips.


Header Bidding Platform

With our universal adapter, you do not need to use any other adapter. Just one line of code through which you call all bidders into one line of javascript code.


Take back control of your ad space

Choose which advertisers can bid, and what impressions they can buy in our platform. Directly control ad quality by blocking individual buyers, individual creative, content categories and types of creative (ie.Flash, audio).

Use whitelist and blacklist features to eliminate channel conflict ensuring advertisers who buy direct continue to pay premium rates.

Bidder Code

The unique code Prebid.js uses to identify the bidder.

"Send All Bids" Ad Server Keys

Used for sending all bids to the ad server, as described in Send All Bids to the Ad Server.

"Default Deal ID" Ad Server Key

Used for enabling deals using Prebid.js, as described in Enable Deals in Prebid.

Bid Params

Ad request parameters required by a given bidder, such as the tag ID, site ID, or query string parameters

Universal adapter for all bidders

Lupon Media developed the own universal adapter for all bidders. For each bidder listed below, you’ll find the following information: 


  • Adform
  • AdOcean
  • Answer Media
  • AOL
  • AppNexus
  • Audience Network
  • C1X
  • Criteo
  • DistrictM
  • EMX Digital
  • GumGum
  • imonomy
  • Index Exchange
  • Justpremium
  • OpenX
  • PubMatic
  • PulsePoint
  • RealVu
  • RTBHouse
  • SpotX
  • SpringServe
  • Teads
  • WideOrbit

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AdXPremium yield management platform enables publishers to manage multiple networks and capture the highest value from every impression.

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