RTB Trading Desk

RTB Trading Desk provides a way to optimize Ad campaigns for peak performance allowing for planning, configuring, running, optimizing, and reporting.

ONEad Engine
  • A peek under the hood
  • ONEad's powerful engine and set of algorithms, ONEad helps optimize the bid price per each impression to maximize ROI.
  • Support for IAB and native creatives
  • Run omni-channel campaigns including: display, video, mobile and native ads
  • Analyze campaign performance
  • Measure the performance metrics for your campaigns on various ad exchanges through a unified report
Bidding Logic Editor
  • Bring your own cooking recipe
  • Define the bidding logic for your campaign based on existing parameters or external streams of localized data

Private market place for publishers

  • Manage direct deals and guaranteed impressions in one place
  • Large network of safe and genuine advertisers
  • Customize your creatives offering for maximum CTR
  • Help advertisers target the right audience with additional customizable tagging

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AdXPremium yield management platform enables publishers to manage multiple networks and capture the highest value from every impression.

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