Platform Features

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Fast, flexible and robust reporting allows you to optimize campaing delivery and uncover new opportunities.

  • Multiple reporting options: Run reports on order delivery, inventory performance, or overall sales.

  • Customizable reports: Fast and flexible filters and drill-down reporting capabilities put critical revenue and delivery data at your fingertips.


We help you to monetize your website through our AdXpremium platform. If you have a high traffic website, we can help you get maximum performance by inserting ads. If it serves ads, talk to us because it is very certain that we can help you increase your income.

Our job is to: Analyze your current situation Optimize your inventory offers the best deals on individual ads show on your network and the most profitable campaigns. Optimize the implementation of your inventory for maximum performance in each section. Optimize the placement of the various ads. Control who bid for their inventory and at what price.

Take back control of your ad space. Choose which advertisers can bid, and what impressions they can buy in our platform. Directly control ad quality by blocking individual buyers, individual creative, content categories and types of creative (ie.Flash, audio).

Use whitelist and blacklist features to eliminate channel conflict - ensuring advertisers who buy direct continue to pay premium rates.

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AdX Premium yield management platform enables publishers to manage multiple networks and capture the highest value from every impression.

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