With our universal adapter, you do notneed to use any other adapter. 
Just one line of code through which you call all bidders into one line of javascript code.

Benefit of header bidding is fair auction for SSPs Real-time valuation of inventory






Maximize your revenue from every impression



Control + Transparency + Revenue growth Header Bidding Management Platform
The Header Bidding Management Platform can be set up with minimal engineering resources.

There is a one-time insertion of one line of javascript into the publisher’s header, and all DFP line items are created automatically via our API connection.
All bidders with Prebid adapters are available on our platform.


Bidders can be added or removed from your auction in real-time,
no code push required.



How AdXpremium HB Universal Bidder Works for You?

Technical implementation


                                    How to implement it?

Benefits of AdXpremium header bidding UNIVERSAL wrapper