We are full-service online performance media company for the new digital age

AdXpremium header bidding platform enables publishers to manage multiple bidders and capture the highest value from every impression.

Lupon Media is advertising technology companies (based in London). We are a company that develops and runs digital products, services, and brands across multiple channels and platforms. 

Our Customers, our Employees, and our Expertise are the keystones of our success Strategy…

Every potential buyer gains access to your non-guaranteed ad space, and competes in real time for each impression.

We have over 10 Years experience in the online media business with partners across the globe, we provide complete transparency, real-time reports, full API integration, and white-label solutions.

With over 4 billion impressions a month and growing every day, why not let us be your programmatically company of choice?

  • We are much more than just a sell-side technology platform
  • We work closely with our partners, as well as offer various other solutions to our partners
  • Providing a holistic and fully managed service to our clients

What we believe

  • We believe that only relationships with our Customers that are based on trust and honesty can create a long-term business success.

  • We (are devoted to our)think about our customers, we talk with them and follow their business needs.

  • We only give promises that we can fulfill.

  • We strive for long-term results and relations.

  •  We believe that the first-rate expertise and competence, quality of our services are key values on which we base our company’s future growth and development.


Over 4Billion impressions

With over 4Billion impression a month and growing every day, why not let us be your yield management company of choice

Fully managed Service

We are much more then just a technology platform

Maximize Overtall Yield

Increase your CPMs with real-time auctions in the Adx Premium

Use with No Risk

Set a minimum price for your ad inventory when you place it in the exchange